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Monday, November 19, 2018

Vietnam War veteran takes last motorcycle ride

Phoenix, Ariz (November 19, 2018) — Vietnam War veteran and retired police officer, Kenneth Jones, 71, took his very last motorcycle ride Monday morning. Jones suffered a series of strokes and is receiving end-of-life care from Hospice of the Valley at Arizona State in Phoenix.

 McKella Williams, Jones' caretaker, came up with the idea after learning of his love for motorcycles and worked to make it happen. Retired Mesa Police officer John Duhigg drove the motorcycle with Jones in a side car and Patriot Guard Riders rode along side the two.

The 17 mile ride started and ended at the Arizona State Veteran Home. Jones worked as a state trooper in Pennsylvania as well as an undercover officer. He was a Deputy Sheriff in Fountain Hills and worked with Sheriff Joe. He also worked in the military police and is a Vietnam War Army Veteran.

SOURCE: Fox10 Phoenix